Pudge Brothers Pizza - Bait and switch, laughed at by staff


Called the Pudge Bros next door to my home, orderd a carry out large and a two liter of coke. Showed up to pick up order, paid then was told no Coke available. Clerk laughed and continued to smile/giggle throughout the conversaation, even offered to switch the two liter for a single can.

This is a small issue, sure, but I remember a time when a company had enough integrity to first confirm that they have something that they have already sold to a customer and have enough dignity to not find the situation funny.

Last straw? Pizza was absolutely disgusting. I threw it out.

Great Job Pduge Bros, you now have one less customer to worry about filing complaints against you... would you call that a win?

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Pudge Brothers Pizza - They refused to fix order just because I used a coupon.

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I ordered from Pudge Brother's Pizza in Thornton CO, owned by Igor.The entire order was cold when they delivered it 90 minutes later.

I called but no one answered the phone cause they were closed, less than 2 minutes after my pizza arrived.

I called the next morning and I was told that they could replace the pizza that I paid full price for but since I didnt pay full price (i had a coupon) for the rest of my order they were not responsible for the condition of it.I tried to go to the head company and talked to Bob there but was told that "Igor is a franchise and just trying to make some money so you should give him a break."

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Ask them to SHOW you that policy in writing and if they can't, tell them you are reporting them to the Attorney General's office and the Better business bureau. Worked for me.

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